The Last Stand Union City

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Descriptions: Kill zombies and traverse Union City in this RPG zombie shooting game. There are two modes you can play; run and gun, where eating and sleeping boost your health, or survival, where you have to eat and sleep to survive. You can also choose a profession for your character that will grant that character different stats in certain areas. When you level up you will be give points to strengthen certain stats. The objective is to find your wife and save her, you must look through buildings, talk to people, and collect clues to her whereabouts. You will also be given other tasks by human characters that will be necessary for you to move to different parts of the city. You journal keep track of your task list. You can pick up objects, anything from weapons to food, and store them in your backpack. You can access your backpack whenever you need to to equip yourself with different weapons, dress in different clothing, eat, read a survival book, take pain pills, and access other objects you have collected. Don't linger anywhere too long, more and more zombies will find and attack you. Also, different parts of the city are more infested than others.
Instructions: Use AD to move, W to jump, S to duck, and the mouse to aim and attack zombies. Use 'shift' key to run, R to reload, F for flashlight, G to give out objects or help companions, and switch weapons with Q. To enter buildings, go up or down stairs, open doors, access new play screens, search, read messages, activate equipment, and talk to people, hold your mouse over the lit up icon and press the E button.
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